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Why Abundant Hope

What do we do when we want to get our bodies into better shape?  We run to the gym and hire a coach.  The coach keeps us accountable to follow through on our commitments, as well as teaches us new ways to torture…er strengthen our bodies.  What do we do when we are struggling in parenting, or have a major life change like a divorce?  We pull up our bootstraps and plow through! 


11/4/14 Helping your child Decompress in a highly compressed world

11/18/14 Bullies: not just behind the schoolyard anymore

12/9/14 Overcoming Holiday Havoc

1/6/15 123 Magic and you


Savings Dinner.com  If meal planning is a chore, you have to check this out.

The FLY Lady  A unique site all about how to get organized and manage your household.

Talk about Marriage is a popular online forum with a family and parenting thread


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